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Food Grade Plastic Check Valves

Food Grade Plastic Check Valves

Made of FDA-compliant materials, use these food grade valves to prevent backflow in liquid and solid food applications.

For Hot & Cold Beverage Dispensing Systems

Attach these check valves to your delivery lines of hot and cold beverages to ensure flow goes in one direction only. Made of a strong, durable plastic, these valves are resistant to abrasion and most chemicals, and can be used in high purity water applications.

Acetal Copolymer Body

Tube Inlet — NPT Outlet

Kynar Body

NPT Inlet — Push Connection Outlet

Drinking Water Certified

These valves have been certified for use with potable (drinking) water. Commonly used on water or air delivery lines for beverage dispensers, water coolers, or pneumatic systems in food and beverage applications, these push-to-connect valves can be connected in the field without requiring tools.

Acetal Resin Copolymer Body

Push Inlet — Push Outlet

Nylon Body

Push Connection Inlet — Push Connection Outlet

Polysulfone Body

Push Inlet — Push Outlet