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Fuel Transfer Pump Accessories

Fuel Transfer Pump Accessories

Protect low viscosity fuel from contaminants with these filters and accessories.

Fuel Filter & Filter Kits

Filter particles such as sediment and rust or absorb water from low-viscosity fuels. These disposable filter elements typically fit into a housing or clear sight bowl and screw directly onto fuel lines using a filter head. Fuel enters the filter as the fuel is pumped out of a fuel storage tank and cleaned before it's transferred to vehicles and equipment.

Filter Housing

Fuel Filter

Filter Kit

Fuel Tank Filter

Particulate Filter

Replacement Filter

Water Block Fuel Filter


Protect fuel from sediment and larger debris with these strainers for a more economical solution to filtering fuel. These items are typically used on storage tanks.

Mesh Strainer

Stainless Steel Filter

Suction Strainer

Polypropylene Filter

Tube End Strainer

Polypropylene Filter

Filter Heads

Screw these filter heads onto a compatible filter element canister and then attach the head to fuel inlet and outlet lines. The filter head directs the flow of fuel through the filter.

Filter Bowl Wrenches

Easily remove the fuel filter bowl when you need to replace the filter element with these wrenches. Typically used in diesel engines, filter bowls collect the water filtered out of the fuel.