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Heavy Duty Metal Check Valves

Heavy Duty Metal Check Valves

Provide backflow protection in your HVAC systems, and industrial applications such as wastewater and chemical processing with these heavy duty check valves.

For Corrosive Environments

Install these wafer-style check valves in HVAC systems, wastewater and chemical processing plants, or other harsh environments. The convex inlet design and spring construction helps to dampen water hammering caused by surges.

Triple Duty for Chilled Water Installations

Get three check valves in one with these devices that have a silent spring-loaded valve, a balancing valve, and an isolated shutoff valve. These different valve types work together to help prevent backflow and keep the flow rate constant. The handwheel allows you to manually stop the flow of fluid. They are primarily used for discharge from hydronic pumps in HVAC-chilled water installations.

Fast Closing & Quiet Operation

These globe-style valves are constructed with a short, spring-assisted closure that shuts the valve before the flow reverses. This quick closure reduces surge pressure and water hammering.

Compact Unidirectional

These sturdy check valves fit into tight spaces, withstand high temperatures, and allow fluid to flow in only one direction while blocking flow in the other direction.