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Leak Detection & Shut-Off Systems

Leak Detection & Shut-Off Systems

Prevent water damage to your facility, equipment, or residence with these systems. They shut down the water source in the event of a leak and are commonly installed near plumbing lines or under appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers.

Detection & Alarm

Get immediate notification when a leak is detected as well as water shut-off protection with these systems. Commonly used in areas that are unoccupied for long stretches of time, these systems emit an audible alarm when water contacts the system's sensor.

Ball/Butterfly Valve Connection

Butterfly Valve Connection

FIP Connection

NPT Connection

Water Shut-Off

Shut down both the water and power supply to a leaking appliance to help prevent severe damage to equipment or your facility with these systems. Mount these systems near water heaters and other appliances that may leak.

Cast Copper Silicon Alloy Housing

30 A Relay Switching Current

Water Shut-Off Control Panel

Wire compatible water detection and alarm systems into these control panels for manual control over your system in a convenient wall panel. The panels have buttons on the outside to trigger the alarm.

Fiberglass Body

Optical Sensor & Detection

Catch even minor leaks with these sensors that use optical refraction to determine if water is present. Connect these optical sensors to a relay controller or PLC (programmable logic controller), and the sensor will send an electrical signal to your system to shut down the water supply when it detects a leak. They can be used in the interstitial space between the walls of double-wall tanks, as well as in containment tanks, sumps, and pipes.

Polypropylene Body


Universal Orientation

Polysulfone Body


Horizontal Orientation