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Manual 3-Way Plastic Ball Valves

Manual 3-Way Plastic Ball Valves

Combine, divide, or change material flow in low-pressure systems with these 3-way ball valves. The three ports allow fluid to exit or enter the valve from more than one point. Their plastic construction means they won't rust and are less prone to buildup, so they maintain better flow over time compared to metal valves. Turn the valve lever to rotate the ball to start or stop flow.

Compact Diverter

Fit these miniature ball valves into tight spots where larger valves won't fit. They divert flow from the middle port to the left or right port. Ideal for tank selection and fluid transfers.

2-Piece Full Port

PVC Body with PVC Ball

NPT Connection

Socket Connection

Heavy Duty Industrial

Tackle heavy duty tasks with these fiberglass-reinforced bolted valves. Good for fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, chemicals, and wastewater.

1-Piece Full Port

Polypropylene Body with Polypropylene Ball

NPT Connection