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Marine Circulation Pumps

Marine Circulation Pumps

Circulate freshwater and seawater in a livewell or bait tank by installing one of these pumps on your boat or other marine vessel. They provide a steady flow of water, maintain consistent pressure, and aerate the water to provide the optimal environment for a tank.

Standard Circulation

Keep your fishing bait ready in a high-quality environment by providing circulation and aeration for water in a boat's livewell or bait tank with these pumps.

Manual Operation — Glass Filled Nylon Housing

NPSM Connection

12V DC x 2.1 A

12V DC x 4.2 A

12V DC x 4.8 A

NPT Connection

12V DC x 4.2 A

12V DC x 4.8 A

Washdown Applications

Clean boat decks and other equipment with these pumps that deliver high water flow rates at low pressures. They also provide circulation in bait tanks and livewells.

Manual Operation — Plastic Housing

12V DC