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Open Tank Float Switches

Open Tank Float Switches

Keep track of liquid levels in open tanks, sumps, and reservoirs with these float switches. They can be used to control a pump, alarm, or other device in response to changes in the liquid level.

General Purpose

Monitor and control the liquid levels in large open vessels and pools with these general purpose float switches.

Polypropylene Float — Adjustable (SPDT) Single-Pole Double-Throw Switch

120/240V AC

Polypropylene Float — Fixed (NO) Normally Open Switch

120/240V AC

Tether Switches

Designed for use in tanks where the floats have room to move freely, use tethered float switches to help monitor both the rise and fall of liquid level. They consist of a pair of floats that connect to the tank by cables, allowing you to monitor large differences in liquid levels. When the liquid level rises too high or falls too low, an alarm, pump, or control panel is triggered. Use them with pumps that have built-in thermal overload protection.

ABS Float — Adjustable (NO) Normally Open Switch

115V AC

230V AC

Storm Water

Keep track of liquid levels in sump pits with these switches. They respond quickly to high water levels and activate a pump to clear the pit as needed. They have a dual-float switch design for added reliability.

ABS Float — Adjustable (NO-NC) Normally Open / Normally Closed Switch

120V AC

Phenolic Float — Adjustable (DPST) Double-Pole Single-Throw Switch

120V/240V AC

Fresh & Saltwater Applications

Activate submersible bilge pumps that handle freshwater or saltwater with these durable, moisture-tight switches. Designed for use on boats and marine equipment, they have marine-grade cables and can detect the presence of a small amount of bilge water to help prevent the collection of water.

ABS Plastic Body — (NO) Normally Open Switch

12V DC to 32V DC

Conductivity Probe Set with Level Controller

Use the conductivity of the liquid in your tank to control the liquid level. These switches have conductivity probes that extend into the tank to the point where the liquid level needs to be maintained. When the liquid deviates from that point, the conductivity of the liquid completes a circuit that triggers the control unit to activate a pump, alarm, or switch. Unlike other float switches, these switches have no moving parts for high reliability and accuracy, and they require less maintenance. The control can be set to automatically fill or drain a tank, and the LED display on the controller shows its on-off state.

Polypropylene Body

110V AC