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Pressure Testing Pumps

Pressure Testing Pumps

Test pressure ratings, confirm the structural integrity of your system, locate leaks, and check for imperfections to ensure your equipment is in proper working order. Also known as hydrostatic test pumps or hydro pumps, these pumps create and maintain high pressure to test pipe and hose sections and other fluid-moving systems. They are typically used with water or oil.

Electric Powered

Connect these pumps to an electrical power source and use them to test system pressure and integrity. They're ideal for testing commercial sprinkler systems, pressure vessels, water and sewer lines, and other large-scale systems in areas where you have access to electrical power. They plug into a standard 115/230V outlet and include a built-in pressure regulator.

Twin Piston Positive Displacement Pump

115/230V AC

Gas Powered

Use gasoline to power these pumps for testing system pressure and integrity in large-scale systems such as commercial sprinkler systems, pressure vessels, or water and sewer lines. No electric connection is required, making them a good choice for field applications. They include an inlet strainer and a cart with pneumatic wheels.

104 cc Engine Displacement

GHT Connection

Air Powered

Get more accurate testing with these air-powered pumps. With the ability to start and stop under pressure, these pumps provide higher test pressures for use on oil, gas, water, and steam lines. Also known as air-operated or pneumatic test pumps, they connect to a compressed air supply for a long operating life with minimal maintenance. They are ideal for testing systems in refineries and oil rigs.

Reciprocating Plunger Pump


These lightweight, portable testing pumps easily go wherever you need them. Best for use in small or medium systems, they let you manually pump fluids into systems such as boilers, water lines, and heating or refrigeration systems.

Hose Inlet — JICF Outlet

NPT Inlet — NPT Outlet

NPT Outlet

Storage Tank Inlet — JICF Outlet