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Pump Control Boxes

Pump Control Boxes

Control pumps away from the source by wiring them to these control boxes. Ideal for controlling surface water removal pumps, irrigation pump systems, and pumps submerged in sump or sewage basins, they turn pumps on or off and trigger an alarm if needed without needing to have direct access to the pump. Boxes allow control of pumps in hard-to-reach places, or help keep the user away from potentially hazardous areas. Recommended for use on water systems with a pressure switch and safety relief valve. Use indoors or out.

Alternating Duplex Control Panel

Use these boxes to control 2 pumps, ensuring there's a backup if 1 pump fails. They also extend each pump's life by alternating operations between them, and they can operate in either 3- or 4-float pump sequencing.

Thermoplastic Housing — Duplex Box

1 Phase — 120/208/240V AC

3 Phase — 208/240/480V AC

Simplex Control Panel

For simple pump setups, simplex boxes allow you to control 1 pump in a 3-float system. They give access to pump start, stop, and alarm activation.

Thermoplastic Housing — Simplex Box

1 Phase — 120/208/240V AC

1 Phase — 240V AC

3 Phase — 208/240/480V AC

3 Phase — 240V AC

Submersible Deep Well Control

Maintain above-ground control over your pumps submersed in deep wells to keep them working with dependability and efficiency. These control boxes also include starting and running capacitors to help extend pump life.

Steel Housing — (CSCR) Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run Box

1 Phase — 230V AC

Steel Housing — (CSIR) Capacitor Start / Induction Run Box

1 Phase — 115V AC

1 Phase — 230V AC

Steel Housing — Deluxe (CSCR) Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run Box

1 Phase — 230V AC