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Rotary Vane Pumps

Rotary Vane Pumps

Used for a variety of applications such as in automobile parts, refrigeration and cooling, and moving other low-viscosity fluids, these pumps consist of vanes or blades that rotate inside a cavity to provide a steady flow of liquid, often with less noise than a diaphragm pump, and can safely run dry for short periods of time.

Oil & Diesel Refueler

Pump or transfer fuel and oil to your equipment and vehicles with these pumps that have a rotor and vanes constructed of materials that are not negatively affected by petroleum products. They can be used with other fluids with a similar viscosity to fuels and light oils.

Continuous Duty — Motorized Pump Unit

Bronze Housing with NPT Connection

115V AC

Cast Iron Housing with Hose Barb Connection

24V DC

Intermittent Duty — Motorized Pump Unit

Bronze Housing with NPT Connection

12V DC

Aluminum Housing with Hose Barb Connection

24V DC

Low-Lead High Pressure

These rotary vane pumps have a stainless steel rotor and shaft for added strength, and a built-in pressure relief valve, making them suitable for high-pressure applications. They are ideal for tasks such as food and dairy production, delivering machine coolant, and boosting water pressure. Constructed of low-lead materials, they are NSF-compliant for use in potable (drinking) water applications.

Continuous Duty — Carbonator Mount

Low Lead Brass Housing with NPT Connection