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Sump Pump Accessories

Sump Pump Accessories

Alarms, stands, and battery backup accessories help you keep your environment safe and alert you when things go wrong.

Oil-Sensing Pump Controls

With a switch that senses the difference between oil and water, these pump controls provide alerts for potentially harmful oil and water levels and can also be used to provide pump control. Connect these controls to a compatible pump, and they will trigger the pump to remove water from the tank when it reaches a set point while ensuring oil is not pumped into the environment. Commonly used in elevator sump pits, water and oil prone spaces, and transformer vaults.

Thermoplastic Body

Suction & Discharge Hoses

Commonly used for dewatering applications such as draining ponds and other standing water, these hoses include a strainer to help ensure that debris doesn't enter the hose when drawing in fluid. The hoses have a smooth design that helps to reduce build up, making them particularly well-suited for use with slurries and in pumping excavations.

PVC Hose

Aluminum Discharge Fitting

High Water & Pump Failure Monitors

Audible and visual alarms notify you of high water, pump failure, or seal failure in your system. Early notification gives you time to help prevent flooding in a basement or other area requiring a sump pump.

115V AC

120V AC

120V AC Adapter & 9V Battery Back Up

240V AC


Sump Pump Stands

Raise your pump off the installation surface to help reduce clogging caused by debris and other contaminants encountered in dewatering, sump, and effluent applications.