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Swing  Plastic Check Valves

Swing Plastic Check Valves

Get full flow of material in your line with these swing check valves, while also providing backflow protection. They have a disc attached to an arm that swings up when open, allowing material to flow freely without a center flow-control device to reduce flow speed. The disc swings closed when it detects reverse flow. Their plastic construction means they won't rust and are less prone to buildup, so they maintain better flow over time compared to metal valves.

Drinking Water Certified

Drinking Water Certified

These low-lead valves have been certified for use with potable (drinking) water.

PVC Body

EPDM Seal — PVC Seat

NPT Connection

Hub Connection

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

Reduce water hammering for a quiet operation with these spring-loaded swing check valves.



For Wastewater & Sewage Systems

For Wastewater & Sewage Systems

Attach these swing check valves to wastewater disposal lines leading to sump pumps, or sewer ejector or lift station lines to prevent backflow.

PVC Body — Vertical Mount

Socket Connection