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Utility Pumps

Utility Pumps

Remove, circulate, or transfer water or other liquids from one place to another using these utility pumps, also known as drainer pumps. They are typically used for temporary liquid-removal applications such as draining flooded construction sites, roofs, water beds, and window wells. They generally don't have a mechanism to detect rising water levels, instead requiring manual activation and placement in or near the water to be removed.

Portable General Purpose

These compact, lightweight utility pumps are a great choice when you need to transport your pump to different locations, and for everyday tasks such as emptying waterbeds and aquariums, draining window wells, and other intermittent draining and clean up work.

Manual Operation — Continuous Duty

Plastic Housing — Plastic Base

115V AC — 1 Phase

Manual Operation — Intermittent Duty

Valox Housing — Acetyl Base

110V AC — 1 Phase

Sensor Utility

Use sensing utility pumps for applications where there is risk of the pump running dry. The pumps turn off automatically when no water is present, helping to prevent damage to the pump.

Automatic Operation — Intermittent Duty

Thermoplastic Housing — Thermoplastic Base

115V AC — 1 Phase

Manual Operation — Continuous Duty

Stainless Steel Housing — Rubberized Urethane Base

120V AC — 1 Phase