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Variable Area Air & Gas Flowmeters

Variable Area Air & Gas Flowmeters

Monitor pressurized air and compressed gas flow with these flowmeters. Also known as rotameters, these devices have internal floats that are pushed by the flow of air and gas. Flow rate is determined by reading the provided scale to see where float equilibrium is reached. Resistant to shock and vibration, these flowmeters offer a simple design that doesn't require special piping. They're great for areas where no electrical power is available.

General Purpose

Install these basic flowmeters in any position, or at any angle, to measure the flow of air or gas.

Aluminum Housing

1 in

Easy Maintenance Applications

These flowmeters are designed with one-piece housings for easy installation and maintenance.

Acrylic Housing

1 in

14 in

18 in

Polycarbonate Housing

18 in