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Variable Area Petroleum Flowmeters

Variable Area Petroleum Flowmeters

Monitor the flow of petroleum and other petroleum-based fluids in your hydraulic systems with these flowmeters. Also referred to as rotameters, these devices have internal floats that are pushed by the flow of petroleum. Flow rate is determined by reading the provided scale to see where float equilibrium is reached. Resistant to shock and vibration, these flowmeters offer a simple design that doesn't require special piping. They're commonly used in areas where no electrical power is available.

Fast Mount & Low Visibility Applications

Fast Mount & Low Visibility Applications

Optimized for quick installation in any position, these flowmeters feature installation ends the same size as their bodies. They have a scale with a colored background and bold hash marks for enhanced visibility, and clear bodies for easy fluid inspection.

Polysulfone Housing

12 in For Pipe Size x NPT

34 in For Pipe Size x NPT

High-Pressure Applications

High-Pressure Applications

These durable flowmeters have aluminum bodies and are constructed of materials suitable for high-pressure industrial applications.

Aluminum Housing

12 in x NPT

34 in x NPT