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Well Pump Accessories

Well Pump Accessories

Complete or enhance your well pump installation with these accessories and parts.

Torque Arrestors

Prevent submersible pumps from swinging, rotating, and hitting well casings when started by using these torque arrestors. Install them around the drop pipe using hose clamps, and adjust them at the site to fit snugly in the well. Arrestors are made of durable rubber and have stainless steel hose clamps. They are suitable for use with 4" or 6" diameter well casings.

Pitcher Pumps

Pump water from shallow wells up to 25 feet deep with these pitcher pumps. They are often used to monitor and test water in wells, bilge pumps, transfer pumps, and in other general-purpose pumping applications. They feature a double notch on the pump's mouth to support a hanging pail or pitcher by its handle. These pumps are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.


Cast Iron Body

Drinking Water Certified Pitless Adapters

Connect a submersible well pump to a discharge pipe with a pitless adapter. They enable water to discharge from a point underground, typically below the freeze line, into the water service line, allowing the water to flow to the building it serves. These low-lead adapters have been certified for use with potable (drinking) water.

Brass Body

Well Jet Pump Ejectors

Use an ejector with your jet pump to bring water from a well up to a level where the suction produced by the impeller can lift it the rest of the way. The ejector contains a nozzle and venturi tube that work together to increase the pressure differential produced by the pump. Shallow well ejectors, for wells less than about 25 feet deep, are typically mounted to the nose of the pump, while deep well ejectors are placed down in wells that are more than 25 feet deep.

Cast Iron/Thermoplastic

Deep Well


Deep Well

Shallow Well

Well Points

Provide a low volume supply of water from a shallow aquifer (water-bearing formation) without digging a well. Also known as drive points, well points are sharp-ended pipes that have holes large enough to allow water to enter but small enough to prevent the material of an aquifer from entering. To access the underground water, attach the well point to a riser pipe with a drive coupling, drive the assembly by hand below the water table, and connect to a pump.

Stainless Steel Body — Galvanized

60 Gauze

80 Gauze

Well Seals & Caps

Help keep dirt and other contaminants out of your well by using one of these seals or caps.

ABS Body

Cast Iron Body

Well Point Drive Couplings

Connect the open end of your well point to the riser or well pipe using one of these drive couplings.

Steel Body — Galvanized

Well Point Drive Caps

Place one of these drive caps over the nipple at the end of the riser pipe to prevent damage to the pipe threads when installing your well point assembly.

Malleable Iron — Malleable Iron

Tank Fittings & Fitting Kits

Complete your well pump system with these fittings and kits. They are compliant with the Safe Drinking Water Act requirements for low lead.

Air Volume Controls

Reduce the on/off cycling of your well pump by installing an air volume control (AVC) on the water pressure tank to maintain pressure and prevent too much water from collecting in the tank. They are typically used with older tanks that do not have an internal bladder to keep the water and air separate.