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Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

Place one of these wood or plastic cutting boards underneath items before cutting them to make cleanup easier and protect tables, counters, and other work surfaces from damage, and use a nonslip cutting mat underneath your cutting board to help stabilize the cutting surface.

Cutting Boards

Reduce risk of contamination in food preparation tasks with these plastic cutting boards. Available in a range of colors, use boards in different colors for preparing meat, vegetables, poultry, or foods with potential allergens to prevent cross-contamination. Dishwasher-safe plastic cutting boards can be sanitized more easily than wooden cutting boards, making them ideal for cutting raw meat and poultry. Lighter than wood cutting boards, some plastic boards are thin and flexible enough to be bent, allowing cut materials to be transferred easily without using hands.

Dishwasher Safe


Rigid with Grooved Edges

Rigid with Hanging Slot

Rigid with Hanging Slot & Anti-Slip Grips

Nonslip Mats for Cutting Boards

Help prevent cutting injuries and accidental cuts by inserting a nonslip mat underneath your cutting board to keep the board from moving during cutting. Made from a nonporous material to reduce risk of contamination, these nonslip cutting board mats are dishwasher safe.

Flexible Plastic — Dishwasher Safe


Ensure you have a clean cutting surface for the task at hand with these cutting board sets. Choose from a range of materials, colors, and features to suit your application. Some kitchens use sets of differently colored plastic boards as part of a color-coded system to help prevent cross-contamination across food types when preparing meat, vegetables, poultry, or foods with potential allergens.

Flexible Plastic — Dishwasher Safe