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Food Scoops

Food Scoops

Neatly transfer large quantities of ingredients from storage bins to smaller containers with these scoops, dippers, and shovels.

Standard Scoops

Scoop food out of shallow canisters with these standard scoops, also known as hand scoop dippers. They have a short handle and curved or flat-bottom scoop with an open lip that allows food to slide out of the scoop when tilted.

Flat Bottom Scoop — Dishwasher Safe

Round Bottom Scoop — Dishwasher Safe

Shovel Scoops

Also known as hygienic shovels, use these shovel scoops to transfer grain products and other agricultural items from piles or large bins or to pick up spilled food on floors.

Autoclavable & Dishwasher Safe

FDA Compliant with Flat Bottom


FDA Compliant with Round Bottom


Stainless Steel