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Food Storage Wraps

Food Storage Wraps

Insulate foods and keep them fresh with food storage wraps.

Aluminum Foil: Best for Insulating

Help keep foods warmer longer than with plastic wrap using insulating aluminum foil. It molds around containers and objects for a good seal, and can withstand high heat. Foil is reusable and recyclable.

Medium Duty Sheet

Medium Duty Roll

Heavy Duty Roll

Plastic Wrap: Best for Sealing Freshness

Also known as cling wrap, stretch plastic wrap over food containers to seal openings, helping to protect freshness by reducing contaminants and minimizing food exposure to the air. Best for use with cool or cold foods.

Medium Duty Roll

Waxed Paper: Best for Moist & Sticky Foods

Store and handle sticky and moist foods using these paper sheets.

Light Duty Sheet

Medium Duty Sheet