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Food Turners

Food Turners

Move hot foods from a pan to a cooling rack, container, or plate and turn food on a hot grill or pan with these turners, also known as spatulas. Choose a style that is compatible with your cooking equipment and the type of food being prepared.

For Retaining Liquids

Serve food with their juices or sauce using these turners. They have a solid blade that keep liquids with food as you turn or lift them.

Solid Blade

For Draining Liquids

Leave grease in the pan with these turners. They have slots or holes on the blade that allow grease and juices to drain from the food as it's turned or lifted.

Perforated Blade

For Use with Nonstick Pans

Use these nylon turners to help protect the surface of your nonstick cookware from scratches or gouges when flipping or serving food from your pans.

Solid Blade

Slotted Blade

For Fish

Carefully flip and serve delicate fish fillets with these fish turners. These tools have a thin, heat-resistant metal blade that slides easily under the fillet to lift it without damaging its shape. Slots on the surface of the blade allow grease to be left in the pan when the fillet is lifted.

Slotted Blade

For Burger Patties

Flip burger patties without losing their shape with these turners. These heat-resistant turning tools have sturdy blades and handles that support the burger patty as it's flipped, and the solid surface of the blade retains juices as the burger patty is turned and served. These scrapers can also be used to scrape remaining food from the grill after cooking.

Solid Blade