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Service Tongs

Service Tongs

Transfer salad, appetizers, meat, pasta, or ice cubes to a plate, cooking vessel, or container with these tongs. They help keep hands away from hot foods and cooking surfaces and also reduce contamination of food from touching. Provide them in kitchens and at buffet stations and other self-serve food areas to help maintain a clean environment. From lightweight serving tongs to heavy-duty utility tongs, choose from a range of styles to suit your application.

For Meats & Heavy Items

Pick up large cuts of meat with these durable tongs, also referred to as utility tongs. They have long arms that provide leverage for holding heavier items, and some tongs have a coating on the handles or tips to improve grip or provide insulation against high temperatures. They come in a variety of colors so that tools can be color-coded to help prevent contamination when handling different foods.

Plastic over Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel

For Salads & Light Items

Serve light food items such as salad and vegetables with these versatile tongs.


With Sharp Grips for Small Items

Also known as pom tongs, these tongs have rigid jaws that provide good grip on small or slippery items such as appetizers, olives, cheese cubes, and cut fruit.

Stainless Steel

For Spaghetti & Long Pastas

Dish up spaghetti and other long pastas with these tongs, which feature slotted grips for a good hold on slippery pasta.

Stainless Steel

For Ice Cubes

Grip slippery ice cubes and transfer them from an ice bucket to a glass with these small, lightweight tongs.

Stainless Steel