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Alignment & Positioning Tools

Alignment & Positioning Tools

Designed for working on small and delicate components in electronic equipment, these alignment and positioning tools can maneuver in tight spaces for pulling, prying, cleaning, or moving components.

For Separating, Adjusting, & Cleaning Components

Also known as spudgers, trimpots, and orange sticks, these tools are commonly used for separating and cleaning small electrical components. They may have a flat tip for prying up cell phone screens, integrated batteries, and other small parts, or a rounded or pointed end for separating, aligning, and cleaning components.

Nonmarring — Plastic

Nonmarring — Wood

For Positioning Springs & Small Parts

Position and adjust small springs on electronic parts with these tools, also known as spring hooks or hook lifters. They have a hook on one or both ends of the tool and are small enough to maneuver in tight spaces where your fingers can't fit.

Standard — Steel

For Positioning E- & C-Style Clips

Install and remove E- and C-style retaining clips on small electronic parts with these tools. Also known as clip setters, they have a hook on one end of the tool for removing the clips and a spring on the other end of the tool for holding the clip in place during installation.

Clip-Setting — Steel

Alignment & Positioning Tool Sets

Make sure you have the tool you need for your electronic repair tasks with these sets, which contain multiple tools in a variety of styles for working on small electronic components.