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Bar & Pipe Clamps

Bar & Pipe Clamps

Also known as I-, J-, and F-clamps, these bar and pipe clamps consist of a flat bar or round pipe with two gripping heads that can be adjusted to hold a range of objects. They are commonly used in woodworking or metalworking applications to clamp large workpieces together for gluing, fastening, or welding.

General Purpose

Use these versatile bar clamps for a wide range of clamping applications.

Standard Bar-Clamp

Parallel Bar-Clamp


I-Bar Clamp


Levered L-Clamp

For One-Handed Use

Sometimes called spreaders or power clamps, these clamps have one adjustable sliding jaw and one fixed jaw and can be operated with one hand. To use the tool as a clamp, squeeze the hand trigger to slide the adjustable jaw along the bar toward the fixed jaw until the workpiece is clamped tightly between the jaws. Release the clamp by pulling a lever on the handle. Convert these clamps to a spreader by removing the jaws and placing them on the bar facing away from each other.

Spreading Bar-Clamp

For Scratch Prevention

The jaw surfaces of these clamps are covered in nonmarring materials such as plastic. They are an excellent choice for clamping objects where dents and scratches would be visible, including finished wood furniture or polished metal fixtures.

Standard Bar-Clamp

For Uneven Surfaces

Also known as step-over or cross-over clamps, these clamps have an upper jaw with a long throat that can reach over the edge of a workpiece when clamping. A swivel pad on the lower jaw can tilt at an angle to conform to uneven surfaces on your workpiece.

Standard Bar-Clamp

For Low Vibration

These low-vibration clamps provide a secure hold in applications where you may encounter vibration. Squeeze the handle to engage the ratcheting mechanism and quickly lock these clamps onto a workpiece for a secure hold. The clamps release quickly with a push of a button.

Levered L-Clamp

For Extra Stability

With two gripping pads on the upper jaw and one gripping pad on the lower jaw, these bar clamps provide extra stability when clamping corners or wide workpieces.

Standard Bar-Clamp

For Slip Prevention

Featuring serrated jaws that provide extra grip on wet or slick materials, these slip-prevention clamps help keep your material from moving while you work.

Clamp-on Vise Base

For Custom Lengths

Customize these clamps to hold objects in a range of sizes. Ideal for large workpieces, mount the clamp's two jaws onto a piece of threaded pipe that is cut to the length you need to accommodate your workpiece. The clamps can be used with any length of pipe, so there is no limit to their clamping capacity.

Pipe Clamp

For Pipes

These clamps have curved jaws and a large opening and can fit around a pipe to stabilize it when attaching another length of pipe, a flange, or a fitting. Turn the thumb screws on the clamp to secure the pipe in place.

Pipe Clamp


Have the right clamp on hand with these bar clamp sets. Each set includes multiple clamps with a variety of jaw opening widths to fit a range of workpieces.

F-Clamp Set