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Breaker Bars, Speed Handles, & T-Handles

Breaker Bars, Speed Handles, & T-Handles

Attach one of these specially designed handles to a socket to get more leverage than a standard socket wrench handle for turning stubborn or stuck fasteners, or for faster turning when tightening or removing multiple fasteners. They are commonly used in automotive service and machine maintenance applications.

Breaker Bars

When working on hard-to-turn fasteners such as lug nuts or stuck bolts, non-ratcheting breaker bars provide more torque than a standard socket wrench handle. They can be used with various interchangeable sockets for turning fasteners in a range of sizes.

14 in Drive Size

38 in Drive Size

12 in Drive Size

34 in Drive Size

1 in Drive Size


Shaped like a T, these handles are easier to grip than standard socket wrench handles and provide good leverage when working on hard-to-turn fasteners. Longer T-handles can reach recessed fasteners more easily than a standard socket wrench, and T-handles with a sliding bar allow the socket to be positioned anywhere along the length of the bar for improved access to fasteners in tight spaces.

Speed Handles

With a long handle with a square bend in the middle, these speed handles provide good grip and fast turning. A socket is attached to the speed handle and then placed on the fastener, and the handle is turned like a crank to quickly remove the fastener. These handles are particularly useful for applications where there are many fasteners that need to be tightened or loosened.