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Cable Cleaner Accessories

Cable Cleaner Accessories

These accessories customize your cable cleaner for a range of tasks. From cable feeders that let you quickly snake your cable down a drain to cutters and augers that cut through various obstructions, choose the accessories that fit your application.

Cutters & Augers

Cut, push through, or pull out whatever is blocking your drains with these cutters and augers. Choose from tools that can remove solid material such as plants, roots, and branches to softer material such as dirt or sediment. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit a range of tasks.




These cables attach to your cable cleaner and are available in various styles and lengths to suit a range of applications.

Steel Hollow Core

Steel Inner Core

Steel Solid Core

Steel Sectional

Drum Adapters, Extenders, & Jaw Sets

Modify your cable cleaner to accept different drum sizes, extend the length of your cable, or replace worn out jaws with these accessories.


Coupling Pin Keys

Quickly change the cable on your cable cleaner using a coupling key.

Cleaning Sets

Prepare your cable cleaner for a variety of jobs with one of these cleaning sets. Sets contain multiple cutters and augers that attach to the cable of your tool to adapt the tool for clearing soft or hard material blockages.

Cable Feeders

These cable feeders attach to the front of your cable cleaner to automatically feed cable into your drain or retract it when not in use. Use these cable feeders to replace an old or damaged feeder on your cable cleaner or change the type of feeder to suit your application.

Protective Gloves & Mitts

Protect your hands with these gloves and mitts as you guide cable moving at high speeds down a drain.