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Cantilever Clamps

Cantilever Clamps

Lightweight cantilever clamps provide a stronger hold than standard C-clamps and have floating jaws that can clamp uneven, tubular, or irregularly shaped surfaces without distorting or twisting the material. They are a good choice for spot welding, drilling, and bolting applications.

For High Precision

These high-precision cantilever clamps have a round handle that allows you to adjust the clamping pressure in smaller increments than a standard T-handle clamp, making them a good choice for precision applications and clamping delicate workpieces.

Stainless Steel Body

For Resistance to Welding Spatter

The copper-plated screw and jaw surfaces on these cantilever clamps resist welding spatter, providing quick cleanup in welding and steel fabrication applications.

Steel Body

For Corrosion Resistance

Stainless steel cantilever clamps resist corrosion and rust, making them well suited for indoor and outdoor use and for applications where corrosive elements may be present, such as oil refineries, marinas, and chemical plants.

Stainless Steel Body