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Centering & Marking Punches

Centering & Marking Punches

Before drilling into a workpiece, use these centering and marking punches to make an indentation at the center of your hole to help keep your drill from drifting away from center. They can also be used to create marks for drilling holes at the same location in separate workpieces for inserting fasteners, or to scribe lines into your workpiece as a guide for cutting.


Use a hammer to strike these punches on their blunt end, and the tip of the punch will create a small indentation or hole depending on the amount of force applied.

Center-Marking Transfer Punch

Center-Marking Punch

Fine-Tipped Marking Punch

Release-Magnet Center-Marking Punch


Driven by an internal spring mechanism, these punches apply the same amount of force each time they create a mark. They are a good choice for tasks where you need to quickly create many uniform marks.

Spring-Impact Center-Marking Punch


Have the punch on hand with these centering and marking punch sets, which include multiple punches in different sizes.

Center-Marking Punch Set

Combination Punch Set

Hole Punch Set

Hole-Transfer Punch Set