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Clamp Installation & Alignment Tools

Clamp Installation & Alignment Tools

Find tools for installing band clamps to a precise tension as well as clamps for aligning shafts in motors, pumps, and compressors. Also find accessories and replacement parts for your band clamp tool to adapt it for installing different types of band clamps or to replace worn out parts.

For Installing Band Clamps

Use a band clamp installation tool to tighten a band clamp to a specific amount of tension around your pipe or workpiece. Some installation tools have a built-in cutter to remove excess band after tightening.

Flat Jaw with Steel Frame

For Aligning Shafts

Precisely align shafts in motors, pumps, and compressors with these roller-chain clamps. These clamps address radial misalignment between parallel parts and angular misalignment between parts that are set at an angle to one another. Mount the chain clamp on the included posts, wrap the chain around the component, and tighten the clamp to align the component. Use two clamps to adjust the alignment of two connected components.

V-Shaped Jaw with Aluminum Frame


Adapt your band clamp tool for new uses or replace worn-out parts in hand and pneumatic tools.