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Covering Knives & Cutters

Covering Knives & Cutters

Choose from a range of specialized tools for cutting carpet, vinyl, linoleum, tile, and other flooring materials in building and repair projects.

For Linoleum & Vinyl

Slice through linoleum and vinyl tile easily with these linoleum knives. The short blade curves down at the tip, providing space for knuckles during use and focusing the cutting force at the tip for easier cutting than a straight-blade knife. The sharp point can score the workpiece without damaging the flooring material below.

For Carpet

Efficiently cut through thick carpet with these sturdy knives. An angled handle keeps hands from dragging along carpet during use, and the replaceable blades can be changed out easily when worn or broken. Some cutters have features such as a pointed base for pushing carpet edges into recesses and a retractable blade that can be stored in the handle when not in use.

For Tile

Cut ceramic and porcelain tiles accurately and evenly with these tile cutters. Place the tile under the cutting arm and pull the handle to score the tile. A carriage guides the arm to ensure straight cuts. After the tile is scored, press down on the breaking jig to snap the tile. The blade can be replaced when worn (replacement blades sold separately), and some models have guides for creating multiple cuts of the same size or for making angled cuts.

Replacement Blades

Swap out the blades on your carpet, tile, and flooring knives to keep a sharp edge on your tool.