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Digging & Chiseling Pry Bars

Digging & Chiseling Pry Bars

Designed for digging into soil, these pry bars have a long bar that provides good leverage and reach for deep digging tasks.

General Purpose

Use these multipurpose bars for a range of tasks, including digging small holes, breaking up material, or lifting objects. They are available with a range of end styles to suit various tasks, including tapered pinch-point ends for levering or prying, pointed ends for aligning holes or breaking up material, and rounded ends for packing down material.




For Foundation Installations

Dig a deep, narrow hole with the long chisel end on these pry bars, also known as post hole bars, or use the round tampered end to pack down soil for a level foundation. These pry bars are typically used to dig holes for posts, flagpoles, and supports for decking and wooden steps.


Steel & Fiberglass