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If you're making a concrete curb, patio, sidewalk, or driveway, use one of these edgers to improve the appearance of the finished slab and reduce risk of chipping on the edges.

These tools have a flat face with a handle on the back, and one edge of the face is curved down away from the handle. The curved edge is inserted between the wet concrete and the form being used to shape it, and then the tool is pushed along all sides of the slab to separate the media from the form and to smooth and round the edges of the wet concrete.

For Close Reach

These handheld edgers can be operated with one hand. They are used while kneeling next to the work surface and are well suited for edging small areas.

With Plastic Handle

With Wood Handle

For Extended Reach

Also known as walking edgers, these edgers have a long handle and can be pushed along the edge of a slab of wet concrete while walking. They are a good choice for edging large areas.

Handle Not Included