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Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed Blade Knives

These one-piece knives have a fixed blade that does not fold or retract into the handle, making them more stable than a folding knife in demanding applications. Purchase a sheath (sold separately) for protecting the blade and safely storing the knife when not in use.

Smooth Blade

These straightedge knives have a sharp, smooth blade that cuts cleanly through materials such as meat, leather, plastic, and cardboard with more precision and less damage to the workpiece than a serrated-edge knife.

Standard with Straight Back Blade

Clip Point Blade

Drop Point Blade

Trailing Point Blade

Hawkbill Blade

Sheepsfoot Blade

Combination Straight & Serrated Blade

Commonly used as survival knives, these multipurpose combination knives have a part-straight, part-serrated blade and are well suited for a range of everyday tasks. The serrated edge can be used for sawing through tough material like rope or straps, and the straight edge is useful for slicing and puncturing thin material like cloth.

Drop Point Blade

Spear Point Blade

Fully Serrated Blade

Easily saw through tough materials such as rope and straps with a serrated-edge knife. The blade has sharp, tooth-like projections that cut thick, hard materials more quickly than a smooth blade but may leave a rougher finish.

Spear Point Blade

Hooked Tip

Originally designed for rugged outdoor applications such as gutting fish or field dressing game, these knives have a hook on top of the blade's spine or on the handle for cutting tough, fibrous materials such as rope, webbing, or straps.

Smooth Edge

Rescue Knives

Store one of these rescue knives in your car, home, or office to be better prepared in case of an emergency. Often carried by firefighters and other rescue personnel, these multipurpose knives can cut seat belts, straps, rope, cloth, and zip ties and may have additional features such as a point for shattering windows, a can opener, or a whistle.

Hook-Shaped Blade with Smooth Edge

Hook-Shaped Blade with Partially Serrated Edge