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Fuse Pullers

Fuse Pullers

Extract blown fuses using these fuse pullers. They are made from nonconductive materials and have slip-resistant handles to help protect hands from electrical shock.

For Blade Fuses

Grip and remove blade-type fuses in a range of sizes with these fuse pullers.

Insulated Plastic

Not Insulated Stainless Steel

For Cylindrical Fuses

Often used in automotive applications, these fuse pullers are shaped to grip the round body of cartridge or cylindrical fuses for efficient removal.

Insulated Plastic

With Light Indicator

Find blown fuses quickly and protect against injury from electrical shock with these fuse pullers. Fuse pullers with indicator lights show you at a glance whether a fuse is good or dead, and fuse pullers with test lights let you check electrical connections for current before replacing the fuse.

Insulated Plastic