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General Handsaws

General Handsaws

Make rough, straight cuts in softer materials such as wood and plastic with these general-use handsaws. They cut on the push and pull stroke for fast, rough cut. Saws with teeth on both sides of the blade can be used for right- or left-side cuts. Teeth-per-inch (TPI) count refers to the number of teeth per inch on the cutting edge. Generally, blades with higher TPI leave a smoother finish on the workpiece but cut more slowly, and blades with fewer TPI cut more quickly but leave a rougher finish on the workpiece.

For Multiple Materials

The blades on these handsaws can cut more than one type of material, making them well suited for a wide range of cutting tasks.


Pistol Grip

For Wood

These handsaws can cut on the push and pull stroke for quickly cutting through wood.


For Plastic

Sometimes referred to as PVC saws, these handsaws cut through plastic with less risk of damaging the material than a standard saw. They are commonly used in applications such as cutting pipe flush with a wall.