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Also known as joiners, these tools make grooves in a slab of wet concrete to control where cracks will appear as the concrete dries and shrinks, which helps to maintain a finished appearance and prevent damage to the slab. These tools have a long rectangular face with a V-shaped blade, or bit, in the center that cuts the groove. Concrete groovers are available in range of sizes and styles. Choose a groover with a groove depth at least one quarter the thickness of the concrete slab.

Close Reach

Well suited for grooving small areas, these handheld groovers can be operated with one hand and are used while kneeling next to the slab. They have a short handle for holding the tool.

With Plastic Handle

With Wood Handle

Extended Reach

Also known as walking groovers, these tools attach to a long handle (sold separately) and can be pushed while walking to create grooves in a slab of concrete. They provide good reach for grooving large areas.

Handle Not Included