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Hammer-Driven Hole Punches

Hammer-Driven Hole Punches

Strike these handheld tools with a hammer to punch through thin, light materials such as leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, and light sheet metal. They have a conical head with a hollow core and may have one or two circular cutting edges. Choose a tool with one cutting edge to create holes in a workpiece, or choose a tool with two cutting edges to make ring-shaped objects such as washers and gaskets.

General Purpose

Create precise holes in a workpiece using these general purpose punches, which have a single circular cutting edge. Choose the punch that matches the diameter of the hole you need to make.

For Making Washers, Gaskets, & Rings

Cut washers, gaskets, and other ring-shaped objects from a workpiece using these punches. They have two cutting rings that create concentric circles in a workpiece. Select a punch with the appropriate inside and outside diameters for your application.


Choose from these hammer-driven hole punch sets to create precise holes or ring shapes in soft materials. The sets contain multiple punches of the same style in different sizes for accomplishing a range of tasks.

Steel Hole Punch Set

Steel Hammer-Driven Gasket Punch Set

Steel Hammer-Driven Hole Punch Set