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Handsaw Blades

Handsaw Blades

Find handsaw blades to replace dull, bent, or damaged blades on your saws or to change the blade on your saw to adapt it for cutting different materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Teeth-per-inch (TPI) count refers to the number of teeth per inch on the cutting edge. Generally, blades with higher TPI leave a smoother finish on the workpiece but cut more slowly, and blades with fewer TPI cut more quickly but leave a rougher finish on the workpiece. Choose a blade that is compatible with your tool.

For Hacksaws

Change the blade on your hacksaw to replace dull or damaged blades and improve the tool's performance in a range of materials.

Bi-Metal Blade

Carbide Blade

Copper Blade

High Carbon Steel Blade

High Speed Steel Blade

Steel Blade

For Curve-Cutting Handsaws

Designed to fit curve-cutting saws, also known as coping saws, replace your current saw's blade with one of these blades to improve your saw's performance and keep a sharp edge on your tool.

High Carbon Steel Blade

Steel Blade

For Plastic-Cutting Handsaws

Install these replacement blades on a compatible straight-cutting handsaw to cut through plastic.

Steel Blade