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Insertion & Extraction Tools

Insertion & Extraction Tools

Use these tools to insert or extract pins and wires from electrical connectors or to lock and unlock different types of terminators.

For Wires & Connectors

Insert or remove a pin or wire into an electrical connector with these insertion and extraction tools.

Cable Cleaner

Connector Extractor

Connector Inserter

Connector Inserter & Extractor

Connector Shield

Dowel Pin Remover

F & BNC Connector Tool

Key-Locking Inserter

Telephone Box Socket Wrench

For Locking & Unlocking Terminators

Commonly used in the telecommunication and electronic industries, use these tools to lock and unlock various types of terminators to prevent them from theft and damage.

Terminator Tool

Insertion & Extraction Sets

These sets have multiple tools for inserting or extracting pins into connectors of different sizes, allowing you to accomplish a range of tasks quickly. Tools are color coded by compatible connector size for quick identification.

Insertion Tool Set

Extraction Tool Set