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Interchangeable Torque Wrench Heads & Handles

Interchangeable Torque Wrench Heads & Handles

These wrenches consist of a handle and a detachable head that can be swapped out with a different head to suit the application at hand. Like standard torque wrenches, these tools have a display that shows the amount of applied torque to help prevent under- or overtightening. Interchangeable heads are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit an array of applications. Since one handle can be adapted for many applications, these tools are an economical alternative to standard torque wrenches. They are commonly used in maintenance and repair applications in the automotive, machining, and manufacturing industries.

Open End Heads

These U-shaped open-end wrench heads can be placed on a nut or bolt from the side or from above, allowing them to be used in tight spaces or on hard-to-reach fasteners that a box wrench could not access.

Imperial Measurement System

Metric Measurement System

Box End Heads

Ring-shaped box-end wrench heads completely surround the fastener when the wrench is applied, helping to prevent the tool from slipping off the nut or bolt and damaging it. They typically provide more torque than an open-end head.



Wrench Handles

Attach an interchangeable wrench head to one of these handles to create a torque wrench that suits your application. When you need a head in a different size or style, just pop off the current head and replace it with one that fits your needs.