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Lab Clamps & Straps

Lab Clamps & Straps

Secure labware and equipment to stands, frames, lab benches, or walls with these clamps, straps, and accessories. Whether you need to hold a round beaker, mount a gas cylinder on a wall, or attach a hose to a stand and control flow through the hose, find a range of clamps or straps to suit your setup.

Adjustable Clamps for Multipurpose Use

These adjustable clamps have a pronged claw or chain that can be tightened around round or irregularly shaped objects to hold them in place on lab stands.

3-Prong Clamp


Stainless Steel

Chain Clamp

Zinc & Brass

Prong & Ring Clamps for Round Objects

Sometimes called utility clamps, these clamps hold test tubes, beakers, and other round labware in place on a lab stand.

2-Prong Clamp


Ring Clamp



Hose & Tube Clamps for Flow Control

Also referred to as flow restrictors, these clamps control the flow of fluid through flexible hoses and tubing.




Clamps for Burettes

Attach a burette to a laboratory frame or stand with these clamps. They have nonmarring jaws for a firm grip that won't damage labware.

Clamps for Tubes & Thermometers

Hold glass or plastic tubes or thermometers in place on stands or small water baths with these clamps.


Clamps & Straps for Mounting Gas Cylinders

Mount these clamps to a wall or lab bench to secure gas cylinders and tanks and keep them out of the way. They have a sturdy aluminum base and a nylon strap that tightens around the tank to grip it.

Replacement Gas-Cylinder Clamp Strap

with 54 in L x 1 in W Nylon Strap

Clamp Holders for Lab Frames

Use these clamp holders to secure clamps to a laboratory frame. They can be positioned anywhere on a rod.

For up to 34 in Dia Frames

For up to 78 in Dia Frames