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Lab Hand Scoops

Lab Hand Scoops

Scoop materials out of containers with these hand scoops, sometimes referred to as filling scoops. They are made from corrosion-resistant materials and have an open lip that allows material to slide out when tilted. Choose from a range of colors for color-coding scoops to avoid cross-contamination. For clean rooms and other sensitive areas, select pre-sterilized or autoclavable scoops.

Pre-sterilized & Individually Wrapped Plastic Scoops

Help prevent contamination in sensitive laboratory applications by using these pre-sterilized and wrapped scoops. Typically used once and then discarded, they reduce cleanup time.

FDA-Approved Plastic Scoops

60 mL -- 2 fl oz Capacity

125 mL -- 4 14 fl oz Capacity

250 mL -- 8 12 fl oz Capacity

Light Use Plastic Scoops

These scoops are a good choice for light duty tasks.

Translucent Plastic

White Plastic

Heavy Use Metal Scoops

Scoop large amounts of material or pick up heavier items using these durable metal hand scoops.

Aluminum – FDA Approved

Stainless Steel