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Lab Tongs & Forceps

Lab Tongs & Forceps

Firmly grasp labware vessels with laboratory tongs, or hold small specimens with forceps. These tools help keep hands from touching hot objects or harmful substances.

Tongs for Crucibles

Use these tongs to grasp and carry crucibles. These durable metal tongs have a long body that keeps hands away from kilns, furnaces, and hot crucibles. Their curved, serrated jaws provide a good grip on the crucible.

Angled Jaws

Offset Jaws

Tongs for Beakers

Securely grip beakers and similar round vessels with these tongs, which have curved jaws that grip the beaker or vessel tightly.

Curved Jaws

Tongs for Test Tubes

Keep a firm hold on test tubes while mixing and heating liquids with these tongs. Their jaws fit around the narrow, rounded body of test tubes and similar vessels.

Rounded Jaws

Tongs for Flasks

Grip and hold flasks with these tongs, which have jaws that are shaped to grip the narrow neck of the flask.

Straight Jaws

Heat Protection Sleeves for Tongs

Slip these heat-protective sleeves over the ends of your tongs to protect them from damage when holding objects over direct heat.

Forceps for Small Objects

Use forceps to handle objects that may be too small to maneuver with your fingers. Commonly used to hold objects over heat or to dip objects in a water bath, they have serrated tips that provide good grip.

Autoclavable With Corrugated Point