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Locking Pliers

Locking Pliers

Squeeze the handles to lock these pliers onto the workpiece like a clamp, leaving the operator's hands free for other tasks while also reducing the likelihood of fatigue. Locking pliers are commonly used in welding, plumbing, and woodworking applications for gripping and turning objects. A dial on the handle lets the user adjust the amount of clamping force applied by the tool, and a trigger on the handle releases the tool's grip when work is complete. The inside surface of the jaws may be smooth, for reduced risk of damaging the workpiece, or serrated, for improved grip.

General Purpose

These locking pliers come in handy for a wide range of everyday applications.

Steel V-Shaped Jaw

Steel Curved Jaw

Steel Straight Jaw

Long Nose

With their long, tapered nose, these locking pliers can maneuver in tight spaces where other pliers can't reach.

Steel Long Straight Jaw

Quick Release

A quick-release mechanism allows these pliers to be pulled open with one hand. They require less effort to release from the workpiece than comparably sized standard locking pliers.

Steel Curved Jaw

Steel Long Straight Jaw

Steel Straight Jaw

Pinch Off

Work on tubing, hoses, and water, air, and gas lines without having to drain the lines first with these pinch-off locking pliers. Commonly used in plumbing, construction, automotive, HVAC, and public utility applications, these pliers have flat jaws with a smooth surface that grip and clamp hoses and tubes without cutting or damaging them.

Steel Straight Jaw


Remove oil filters and hold or turn greasy or wet pipe and odd-shaped fixtures with these specialized locking pliers. In place of a standard jaw head, these tools have a chain that is wrapped around the workpiece and secured by a locking mechanism on the handle.

Steel Chain Jaw


Purchase a set of locking pliers to make sure you have the tool you need for gripping and turning applications. Sets contain multiple pliers in a range of sizes.