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Manual Grips

Manual Grips

Manual cable pulling grips maintain a firm hold on cable when pulling it through conduit and ducts or stringing it overhead. They have either a flexible mesh sleeve that distributes the gripping force along the cable or clamping jaws that dig into cable ends to hold tightly when applying tension. These cable pullers help prevent runs of cable from snagging or being dropped during installation.

For Electrical & Data Wires

Insert cable ends into these mesh pulling grips to securely hold cables when pulling them through your system. Suitable for pulling wires at low tension, they have a wire mesh sleeve that surrounds the end of the cable and only adds a small amount of thickness to the cable's outer diameter. As the pulling force increases, the mesh sleeve compresses to grip the cable tightly. An eye on the end of the grip can be attached to pulling lines and fish tape. The grips are reusable but should be inspected before and after each use.

Steel Closed Mesh

K Type Mesh Grip

with a Rotating Eye on a Double Weave

Mesh Grip

with a Flexible Eye on a Single Weave

with a Rotating Eye on a Multi Weave

with a Flexible Eye on a Multi Weave

Mesh Grip Kit

with a Flexible Eye on a Single Weave

For Overhead Transmission Lines

These jaw grips maintain temporary tension on cables until they can be permanently anchored. They have jaws that securely hold the cable as it is pulled and are suitable for use in applications where cable or conductor deformation is not a concern.

Anti-Strip Jaw Grip

Light & Compact Jaw Grip

Serrated Jaw Grip