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Oil Change Tools

Oil Change Tools

Regularly change the oil and oil filters in your vehicles to ensure proper oil levels and help prevent engine damage due to dirty oil. Select from a variety of wrenches and specialty tools for fast, leak-free oil changes.

Flexible Strap Wrenches for Universal Fit

Remove oil filters in a range of sizes with these flexible strap wrenches, also known as oil filter straps. The strap can be adjusted to fit canisters within the wrench's compatible filter diameter range.

Rigid Band Wrenches for Heavy Use

Use rigid-band oil filter wrenches to change the oil filters in trucks, tractors, and other heavy duty vehicles. These wrenches have wide metal bands for a strong grip on the canister and provide high torque for releasing hard-to-turn filters.

Jaw Grip Wrenches for High Leverage

Get good leverage for changing stubborn or stuck oil filters on vehicles with these jaw-grip oil filter wrenches. The jaws can be adjusted to grip the oil filter canister tightly as the wrench is turned, and handles provide increased leverage for turning the canister.

Swivel-Handle Wrenches for Hard to Reach Areas

Maneuver more easily in hard-to-reach areas with these swivel handle oil filter wrenches. They have a metal band that wraps around the oil filter canister and a handle that pivots for leverage. As you turn the handle, the metal band tightens to strengthen the grip and provide more torque.

End Cap Grip Wrenches for Confined Areas

Change the oil filter on your vehicle with an end-cap grip wrench, also known as an oil filter cup wrench. These low-profile wrenches grip the bottom of the oil filter to remove or install it without damaging the canister or spilling oil.

Socket Sets

Attach one of these oil filter sockets to a ratchet or socket wrench to open an oil or fuel filter canister and replace the filtering element inside. Sets contain multiple sockets in a range of sizes. Choose a set that is compatible with your vehicle.

For Special Use

Boost efficiency and reduce mess when changing oil filters using these tools, including self-gripping oil filter wrenches, oil canister plug pullers, and tools for disconnecting high-pressure oil lines. Choose tools that are compatible with your oil filter model.