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Pin Installation & Removal Punches

Pin Installation & Removal Punches

Install a pin in your material or drive a pin through the material to remove it with these punches.

For Solid Pins

These punches have a flat tip for installing solid pins or driving them through your workpiece for removal.

Long-Drive Pin-Removal Punch

Standard Pin-Loosening Punch

Standard Pin-Removal Punch

For Hollow & Spring Pins

Also known as roll pin punches, these punches have a small ball on their tip that fits inside hollow and spring pins to support the pin during punching and help prevent damage to the pin.

Hollow & Spring-Pin Removal Punch


Installation and removal punch sets contain multiple punches in different sizes, ensuring you have the right punch for your application.

Combination Punch Set

Hole Punch Set

Solid-Pin Removal Punch Set

Hollow & Spring-Pin Removal Punch Set