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Plier-Driven Hole Punches

Plier-Driven Hole Punches

Squeeze the handles of these plier-style hole punches to make holes or raised tabs in a variety of materials, from soft rubber and plastic to harder metals.

Revolving Head

Also known as revolving punch pliers, these tools have a rotating head with multiple punches in different sizes. Rotate the head to the desired size, place your workpiece in the tool's jaws, and then squeeze the handles together to create a hole. Revolving punches are commonly used to make holes in leather, plastic, canvas, cardboard, and other light or soft materials.

Hollow Tip

Snap Lock

Use snap-lock punches to create raised tabs in pieces of metal or plastic to join the pieces together. After making tabs in your material, snap them together for a secure hold. These punches are commonly used to connect sheet metal, duct, and plastic siding.

Circular Tip

Rectangular Tip

Deep Throat for Ceiling Grid

Quickly punch holes in the metal frame for your drop-ceiling with these long-jawed ceiling grid punches. More efficient than drilling, these punches create holes for attaching hanger wire and installing rivets to fasten grid angles and tees.

Circular Tip

Keyway for Push Button Switches

Sometimes referred to as keyway nibblers or nibbler punches, these keyway punches are often used instead of a file or saw to create or enlarge keyways for push-button switches. They are held horizontally to punch a hole in a vertical surface, and the handles are squeezed together to drive the punch.