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Rigid Scrapers

Rigid Scrapers

Commonly referred to as strippers, these rigid scrapers are stiffer than flexible spreaders and provide better leverage for tasks like scraping off old wallpaper, dislodging flooring material, and removing raised bumps from surfaces to prepare them for painting and finishing.

Razor-Style for Glass, Tile, & Hard Surfaces

An ideal tool for light duty tasks such as scraping paint, dirt, and surface imperfections off of glass, tile, and other smooth, hard materials that can dull blades quickly, these scrapers have a single-edge razor blade that can be replaced when the edge is worn.

Standard Steel Blade

Retractable Steel Blade

Single-Hand for Drywall & Wood

With a paintbrush-style wooden handle and a flat steel blade, these sturdy tools are ideal for scraping drywall and wood surfaces to remove wallpaper, paint, or other materials and can be operated with one hand.

Carbide Blade

Stainless Steel Blade

Steel Blade

Striking Scrapers for Tough Materials

Strike the durable handle of these scrapers with a hammer or mallet to provide extra force when removing tough materials from surfaces. Choose between chisel scrapers, for removing debris and adhesive from surfaces in construction applications, and gasket scrapers, for removing old gaskets and sealant, hardened oil, or carbon deposits before installing a new gasket in automotive applications.

Stainless Steel Blade

Vanadium Steel Blade

Steel Blade

High Leverage for Floors, Ceilings, & Hard-To-Reach Places

A long handle provides more reach and leverage than a standard scraper for leveling surface irregularities and removing old paint, wall paper, or other materials on floors, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas. These large scrapers have an angled, sharp blade that can get into corners and edges and is well suited for dislodging old flooring materials to create a smooth surface for carpeting or tiling applications. These tools are also sometimes used to create a distressed look on hardwood floors.

Steel Blade


These tools are made from nonferrous materials and help minimize the risk of the tool generating a spark while scraping surfaces in environments that contain flammable solvents, liquids, vapors, dusts, or residues.

Brass Blade

Bronze Blade

Copper Blade