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Slide Hammers

Slide Hammers

Use these heavy duty slide hammers, also known as slide sledges, in place of a standard sledgehammer for tasks like driving pins and fasteners, separating parts, and hammering objects in place. They have a heavy weight that slides along the shaft of the tool when the handle is pushed in to provide a powerful blow in tasks where there is not enough room to swing a sledgehammer. Light enough to be operated by one person, they concentrate the impact at the tip of the tool and provide more control than a standard sledgehammer, reducing the risk of damaging equipment when using the tool and allowing tasks to be accomplished efficiently. These hammers are commonly used in maintenance, construction, mining, and other demanding applications. Accessories such as chisels, weights, separators, and wedges let you adapt your slide hammer to your application.

Multi-Head Slide Hammers

Choose from slide hammers with different lengths and weights to suit your application. In general, the heavier the hammer weight, the more force the tool provides. Some slide hammers include a variety of pin driver tips, allowing you to adapt the hammer for a range of tasks.


Slide Hammer Tips & Weights

Change the tip of your slide hammer to fit your application, including pin drivers for setting pins, separators for pulling apart tie rods and ball joints, and chisels for cutting through material.

Steel Hammer Tips

Steel Hammer Weights