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Standard Pry Bars

Standard Pry Bars

Often known as crowbars, choose these pry bars for a range of everyday applications, including prying apart materials, pulling nails, lifting light objects, scraping material from a workpiece, removing upholstery from a vehicle, and even aligning holes on a workpiece prior to fastening.

General Purpose Nail Puller

Sometimes known as crowbars, these double-ended pry bars can be used for lifting, chiseling, prying, and scraping. Choose a pry bar with a nail slot for pulling nails from a workpiece.


Screwdriver Style for Secure Grip

Get a better grip on your pry bar with these single-end pry bars. They have a handle at one of end of the tool for a secure grip and better control when prying materials.

Steel with Chisel Tip

Steel with Wedge Tip

Steel with Double Claw Tip

Roller Head for High Leverage

When you need extra leverage to lift heavy objects, pry apart materials, or pull out a nail, choose one of these high-leverage pry bars. Choose from a range of styles, including bars with a long handle for lifting large or heavy objects, bars with a rounded head that rocks back and forth as you pry, bars with an adjustable head that can be set at a range of angles for better access in tight spaces, or bars with a wide bar for good strength in demanding tasks.


Pointed Head for Aligning Holes & Lifting

Sometimes called lady foot or line-up pry bars, use these tools to match up holes in dies, scaffolding, and other materials before fastening them. These bars have a fine, tapered point on one end of the tool that can fit into small holes. After inserting the pointed end into the holes, gently lever your tool up and down until the holes are aligned. The bars also have a long body for good leverage and reach and a wedge end that can fit in tight spaces to lift or pry objects.



Indexing Head for Corners & Tight Spaces

Get better access in corners and tight spaces with these pry bars, also known as indexable pry bars. Push a button on the side of the bar to change the angle of the pivoting head so you can maneuver more easily in difficult areas.


Fork Head for Delicate Surfaces & Precision

Help minimize damage to materials when removing them with these precision pry bars, also known as Japanese-style pry bars. They are commonly used to remove materials that will be repurposed, such as flooring materials, molding, trim, and window or doorframes. They have a 90° bent claw head that provides leverage and can fit into tight spaces and a straight claw for lifting or prying apart materials. Both ends are polished and beveled to help prevent damage to materials.


Hooked Head for Separating & Removing Dies

Separate dies and molds and remove die blocks and plates using these pry bars. They have a tapered end with a pointed tip for prying the dies apart and an end with a flat tip that can wedge between two parts of a die to provide leverage for prying them apart.


For Removing Vehicle Upholstery

Quickly remove the clips that hold automotive upholstery to the frame of a vehicle with these pry bars. They have a U-shaped head that fits around the clips for efficient removal.


For Weld Removal

Break apart welded parts or remove welding material from a surface before finishing with these pry bars. Commonly used with spot welds and welded panels, strike these pry bars with a hammer to drive the beveled end through the weld.